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Nighthawk Collection

Contemporary and technology oriented,
the Nighthawk interprets the expertise in design and functionality of the watchmaking.

This collection combines professional technique and refined craftsmanship.
With three dimensional watch dial and elegant curves of the case, the Nighthawk watch floats through the world of Richlux watchmaking. Nighthawk collection is suitable for those who travel the world.

Self-powered micro tritium gas lights


Richlux utilizes self-powered micro gas lights to enable reading of time in darkness. This technology allows the capturing of pure tritium gas in a mineral glass tube coated with luminescent material in a safe manner. 

The advantage of using this technology is that the lights can glow up to 100 times brighter than the traditional luminous paints. The gas lights can glow up to 25 years and do not require charging from external power or light source. The tritium gas is encapsulated and pose no risk to the wearer. The brightness of the micro gas lights will deteriorate over years.


Nighthawk Dualtime 

Nighthawk Dualtime can shows time from two different time zones. The hour and minute hands are engraved with tritium gaslights. It allows one to see the time clearly even in complete darkness.